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Cosmic Jet. Redefining Elegance with Utility NFTs and Authentic Gemstones.

About Project

Cosmic Jet – a groundbreaking web platform at the intersection of utility NFTs and genuine gemstones.  Each gemstone is supplemented by an NFT which contains gem ownership rights and is smart-contract safe.

Our team encompass comprehensive web design and art direction to bring Cosmic Jet to life. For this we've developed complex website, ensuring a seamless and captivating user experience across various devices.

Home Page

The home page serves as an introduction to Cosmic Jet, providing customers with an overview of the platform and a sneak peek into its pioneering inaugural collection. Visitors will discover how Cosmic Jet seamlessly combines the allure of gemstones with the security of utility NFTs, highlighting the unique blend of beauty and functionality that defines our innovative approach.

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Gem Page

Curated by top gemstone scientists, discover a selection of 10 unique precious gemstones. Paired with NFT images representing them in virtual reality,  gem template page is dedicated to showcasing the singular allure of each gem, capturing the essence and beauty of these exceptional products in their entirety.

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Collection Page

Edges of Reality is the first collection of real gem stones combined with nft. Designed to unveil the unique narrative behind this innovative product, this page delves into the fascinating story of the collection's creation. "Edges of Reality" is a visual chronicle, reflecting the intricate process of gemstone formation. Each gem is a product of countless accidental factors that unfolded within the Earth's depths—rock pressure, external temperatures, a fusion of chemical elements, and more.

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