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Kinescope — Empowering Video Playback.

About Project

Kinescope is your gateway to seamless and affordable video hosting, designed to propel businesses forward through the dynamic medium of visual content.

In 2021, we embarked on a transformative journey to conceptualize and craft the brand identity and marketing website for Kinescope from the ground up. Since its inception, the project has garnered acclaim and recognition for its innovative approach to video hosting services.


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Brand Identity

At the heart of the Kinescope identity lies a captivating concept inspired by the mechanics of video playback. The symbol of three dots pays homage to the three RGB channels inherent in the kinescope, which converts electrical signals into vibrant light. These channels converge to produce a spectrum of colors, mirroring the customizable nature of the Kinescope platform. The amalgamation of the three dots forms a dynamic "play" symbol, reminiscent of a video player in motion.

Drawing inspiration from the interplay of light and color, we translated the conceptual framework into a visually captivating brand identity. The pattern and shapes derived from the three dots symbolize versatility and adaptability, positioning Kinescope as an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. The resulting logo embodies the essence of Kinescope as a catalyst for immersive visual storytelling experiences.

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